Alejandro García Padilla

Alejandro García Padilla

Governor, Puerto Rico

Born in Coamo on August 3, 1971. His father, a World War II veteran, worked his way up from bulldozer operator to general manager of a manufacturing plant at the time of his retirement. Alejandro’s mother, a housewife, still lives in the same three-room family home where she raised her six children. He is married to Wilma Pastrana, and is the proud father of two sons, Juan Pablo and Diego Alejandro, and a daughter, Ana Patricia.
After graduating from college and law school in Puerto Rico, Alejandro clerked on the Commonwealth Appellate Circuit Court, served as legislative aide, directed the General Contractors Association, and practiced law specializing on contracts and real estate. He taught at the Inter-American University Law School. He also was a panelist in a highly-rated radio talk show.
He was appointed Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, where he defended the rights of the Island’s consumers. Through his efforts gasoline prices were kept in check during the critical period of the Iraq War. At the time the Commonwealth had the lowest fuel price of any U.S. jurisdiction despite the international turmoil and the higher costs of importing oil to an insular market.
In 2008, Alejandro was elected to the Commonwealth Legislature garnering the most votes of any candidate for senator. During his tenure he reached across the aisle to approve important legislation providing scholarships for university students, promoting incentives for economic development, and secure pension benefits for widows of police officers killed in the line of duty. Other legislative initiatives dealing with jobs creation, measures to combat crime, and protection of consumer rights became deadlocked in partisan bickering.
In 2012 he was elected Governor. His priorities during the early part of his term emphasize job creation by promoting private investment and entrepreneurship. Crime prevention and safe streets are also important concerns. On the status issue, he has been successful in leading a united front to dispel the misinformation disseminated by the former government regarding the rigged status plebiscite of 2012.
Alejandro’s tenure has been characterized by a message of optimism, hope and self-reliance based on his long-standing commitment to use the office of the Governor to protect the rights and enhance to opportunities and welfare of the people of Puerto Rico, specially the poorest and most needy.


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