Cassio Luiselli

Cassio Luiselli

Emeritus Professor, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterey (ITESM); and Former Mexican Ambassador to Uruguay, South Korea, and South Africa

Ambassador Cassio Luiselli, Phd. currently an Emeritus Professor at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterey (ITESM) in his native Mexico, is an international development economist and a geographer with extensive experience in both public policy and diplomacy. He has served as the Mexican Ambassador to Uruguay, South Korea, and South Africa, being the first Mexican ambassador under the Mandela government. He served as a Deputy Minister (Undersecretary) for environmental regulation and as General Coordinator for the Mexican food Policy Program (SAM for its Spanish acronym). He was the Deputy Director General of UN-ECLAC and held other executive positions in international organizations and government. He has experience in journalism and is the author and coauthor of several books and academic articles. He has been distinguished by several foundations, decorated by five countries and holds the FAO Medal for Food Policy.


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