Germán Efromovich

Germán Efromovich

Germán Efromovich
Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Group; and Chairman and Co-Founder, Avianca Holdings

Germán Efromovich is Bolivian by birth, a resident of Brazil, and Colombian by conviction. A Mechanical Engineering graduate from the FEI University of Brazil, he began his professional career in 1976 in the Grupo SGS (SGS Group).

In 1977 heventured into businesses centered on the oil market in Brazil. Leveraging the development and expansion of his companies across various sectors, in 2000 he created the GRUPO SYNERGY (Synergy Group), a business conglomerate with diversified business interests.

The Group currently has investments in hydrocarbons and energy, shipbuilding, oil exploration and exploitation, companies in the sectors of technical inspection, radiochemistry, radio-pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, hospitality and aviation.

In the aviation sector the investment in Avianca stands out, together with investments in firms of helicopters, air-taxis, maintenance services for aircraft and private jets operating in the region.

Through its business interests in various countries across Latin America, the Group generates employment, wellbeing and progress for thousands of families.


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