Seth Kaplan

Seth Kaplan

Managing Partner, Airline Weekly (United States)

Seth Kaplan’s role as managing partner of Airline Weekly is an extension of a career in journalism, government and transportation. Kaplan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (journalism major) from George Washington University and a Master of Public Administration from Florida International University. He worked as a reporter at newspapers and television affiliates, covering aviation/transportation as well as other issues, before switching to the public sector with Miami-Dade County government, where he served in various management roles. In 2005 he left to become managing partner of Airline Weekly, where he saw an opportunity to combine his love of both aviation and journalism in an enterprise that would educate key airline industry stakeholders about the global industry. Since then, he has become a globally recognized airline expert. He is frequently asked by print and broadcast media to provide perspectives. Within the industry, he speaks at industry events and has taught numerous airline economics courses to executives and staff at airlines around the world, providing them with insight about factors that drive airline profitability. Kaplan lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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