Wang Yao

Wang Yao

Wang Yao, Director, Boao Forum for Asia
Director, Boao Forum for Asia

Wang Yao is presently Executive Director of Boao Forum for Asia, Executive President of Boao Forum for Asia Institution and Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of Education Forum for Asia. He is now also serving as the Vice-Chairman of China Association of International Trade, Vice-Chairman of China Convention and Exhibition Society, Chairman of Beijing Association of International Exhibition and Convention, Head of Canadian branch of the Europe-America Fellow Students Association and at other significant posts. He, at the meantime, holds the position of Guest Professor at many renowned universities. He used to be the Standing Deputy of Beijing National People’s Congress, Head of Beijing China International Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, etc. He graduated with the Bachelor of Engineering from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Beijing University of Technology in 1982 and graduated with Bachelor of Law from the School of Sociology of Tsinghua University in 1988. He advanced his study at Toronto University from 1995 to 1997 as the Visiting Scholar, specializing in the study of International Business. He obtained his doctorate, in 2006 from the School of Economics of Beijing University of Technology.


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