Engineering A Greater Balance: New Risks, New Opportunities

Engineering A Greater Balance: New Risks, New Opportunities

Toronto Forum For Global Cities 5th Annual Meeting - October 24 and 25, 2011

Two years after the National Bureau of Economic Research announced the end of the worst financial crisis and recession since the Great Depression, the global economy remains highly volatile. Economic imbalances are threatening the recovery, and there is a growing lack of confidence and instability.

Engineering a better balance and fostering a sustainable recovery are more crucial than ever if we are to avoid another recession. What can we expect in coming years? How will the Central Banks play in? How can infrastructure spending, new energy models, as well as new monetary policies and financial regulations stimulate a sustainable recovery based on job creation?

For its 5th edition, the Toronto Forum for Global Cities will address these issues and facilitate a dialogue on such pressing questions. I wish to thank our partners, sponsors and speakers, who made this Forum possible.



Gil Rémillard
Founding Chairman


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